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Newest Cryolafa Cryotherapy Pen For Plantar Warts Removal
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Product: Views:216Newest Cryolafa Cryotherapy Pen For Plantar Warts Removal 
Brands: Faireal
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Cryolafa Cryotherapy



Product Description

Cryolafa cryotherapy pen


Cryolafais a lightweight multifunction device made up of a cartridge, a body and an interchangeable head and it is easy to insert and remove, it offer the best cryotherapy for the person, beauty salon ,beauty clinic and hospital, using the nitrous oxide as media to make its hand piece with a constant penetrating temperature of -89°C,its energy can be arrive at the 3 millimeter of the layer, it can freeze the pigment cells instantaneously, so it is easy to solve all kinds of pigmentation problems drastically, beside, its treatments without any pain and destruction of biological ,because it is the extremely precise treatments, it just effect on the area, which need to be treated, the surrounding organization without any affection.



Engineering Design                                           Treatment Advantages


1. –89°C freeze disease tissues                     1. No Damage


2. Gold Standard Pen                                       2. Accurate treatment


3. Portable And Convenient                            3. Safety-filter In The Cartridge Holder


4. Safe Media                                                  4. Freezes To A Depth Of 3mm                               


                                                                         5. Simple And Secure Handling




Using the nitrous oxide as media ,it can make the hand piece temperature arrive at -89°C,it can freeze the disease tissues instantaneously, its Ion energy wave to targeted positioning the skin which own the pigmentation and explode the superficial disease tissues or other disease tissues, it is the high accuracy treatment, it will not influence the surrounding healthy tissues.



1. Skin tags removal

2. Plantar warts removal

3. Verrucae removal

4. Sun spots removal

5. Actinic keratosis treatment

6. Seborrhoeic keratosis treatment

7. Naevus flammeus removal

8. Naevo fibroid removal

9. Soft fibroid treatment

10.Keloids removal

11.Condyloma removal

12.Mole removal

Technical Support

Technology  Advantages

1. Safe Treatments

       No need to handle dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids, its media is the safe medical nitrous oxide, this media can make the hand piece temperature arrive at -89°C,in this temperature, the skin will not damage. 

2. No destruction of biological function and structures

       Its energy just effect on the target area, it will not influence the healthy issue.         

3. Very convenient for customers

       Its portable design can let customers to bring it to anywher and it operations are very easy , they can use it by themselves. 

4. No long waiting time 

      It needn’t the waiting time, it can immediately treat, without any delay, what’s more, you will see the best result at once at this amazing portable device.

Our Services

We provide

1. 24 months warranty & Life long maintenance 
2. User manual &Training video 
3. Door to Door delivery 
4. Custom Clearance

about Faireal

1. Assembling Line

       With the most advanced Assembling line, we provide the European standard product and services. We                make sure every product is high quality and reliable, and this is the basic of Faireal globale business  network.

2. Engineering Design

       With new breakthrough technologies currently in the pipeline, we are ideally positioned to maintain our                  global leadership and continue to help you grow your practice.

3. Specialized Laboratory

      The newest hand piece, the high technology structure, the sapphire crystal. All these technology                             breakthrough comes from our specialized laboratory.

4. Quality Control Facility

       We build the quality control system to avoid the risks. Every machine and part will be tested well to make              sure there are no problem. Especially the anti-shaking test, never need to worry about delivery.

5. Senior Engineer Conference

      The senior engineer conference is organized for solving and discussing engineering projects. We combine a level of innovation, expertise and customer understanding superior in our industry.

6. Overseas Sales Team

      Together, we are more market responsive than ever before. We know how to quickly innovate the safest and most effective products to meet a variety of needs and price points.



1.How many treatments does it takes to remove a lesion?

      As a general rule, only one freezing is sufficient to remover a lesion.

2. Is there any scarring after treatment?

      Skillfully performed cryotherapy is often impressively scar-free and brings inconspicuous results.

3.How should the treated area be cared for?

      It is important not to pick at the scab, as this will encourage scarring .A dressing or a plaster is not usually             necessary.

4. What is the best way to use the cryolafa? 

      Apply the cryolafa tip vertically directly to the skin, this ensures that the nitrous oxide penetrates into the skin & freezes the deeper skin tissue, it also ensures that the application temperature is a constant -89°C.

5. Which purity does the N2O gas used in cryolafadevices have?

      Our cartridges with an inbuilt filter contain sterile gas, its medicinal gas sterile-filtered to 5μ, free of detritus.

6. Does cryolafa have to be handled by professional doctors or can it be done by patients themselves?

      It needn’t the professional doctors to operate, it is very easy to handle, patients can make the treatment by           themselves.

7.What is the cryolafa suitable for treating?

   cryolafa will treat all types of skin conditions including warts, plantar warts, acne, age marks, certain skin tumour and carcinomas. 

8. How long will be take for the treatment?

    Accurately, using this machine to treat per session only takes 1 minutes, but the successful treatment depend on the size of the treatment area.

9. What’s the taboos after using it?

      This machine is very convenient for patients, the treatment area can touch the water and patients can make up, the treatment area will not influence the daily life.





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